Asia Ferrite Sdn.Bhd.. was established by our engineering team who have got more than 10 years of experiences in the design manufacturing of Ferrite Cores.

Our objective is to provide customer with better market choice, and also the latest development in the world of Ferrite.

Our main products includes:

**SMD Ferrite Cores
             SMD drum Core, SMD Sleeve Core, SMD Silvering Core

**EMI Suppression Cores
            Bead Core, Toroidal Core, Clamp Filter (Around Cable Suppression Cores)
            Flat Cable Suppression Cores, Connector Suppression Cores
            Surface MountBead, Beads on leads, Multi-Aperture Cores, Wound Beads

** Mn-Zn Ferrite Cores
            Toroidal Core, UI & UU Core, EE & EI Core, EP & EPC Core, RM &             PQ Core, SMD Drum Core

** Inductor
Line Filter

Mass production of high quality ferrite cores requires a fundamental knowledge of processing rules dedicated to each material and the use of advanced production techniques’

Existing products specifications are achieved mainly by the implementation of a reliable Quality Assurance System using Statistical Process Control (SPC) in the manufacturing processes.

At each manufacturing step, the capabilities of processes are demonstrated through various controls performed on the related test vehicles.

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